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Release date: 
May 27, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Dance/Electronic
Play Disremember/Dismemberment
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Montreal/Toronto indie-electro trio Doomsquad mesmerize on their latest album, Kalaboogie. It may have something to do with their upbringing; siblings Allie, Jaclyn, and Trevor Blumas admittedly come from a new-age household, so the incorporation of psychedelic elements and multicultural instrumentation was a natural fit. Like fellow indie acts A Tribe Called Red and Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, who also blend First Nations touches into their sonic palette, the effect is engrossing. Chilly on the surface and overall stirring.

Check out their NSFW music video for “Disremember/Dismemberment” to see how uninhibited they can get.