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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Jazz
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Key Change

Songsmith/producer Mocky (real name: Dominic Solale) has come a long way from his Saskatchewan roots. After stints making music in Toronto, Berlin and London, he has now settled in Los Angeles. That's appropriate, given the film score-styled compositions featured on his new album Key Change, recorded in four different countries. The evocative numbers ( a mix of instrumentals and vocal tunes) also draw upon cool jazz and psychedelic elements, to intriguing effect. Mocky grabbed attention via earlier work with Feist, and she (along with another Mocky collaborator Chilly Gonzales) is featured here (rising R & B singer Kelela adds backup vocals on some tracks). As well as Feist, Mocky has written for and produced Jamie Lidell, Nikka Costa, Jane Birkin, GZA, Peaches and more, and his 2009 album, Saskamodie, was a critic's fave. Expect a similar reaction to Key Change. It gets a physical CD/LP release on July 24.

It'll be interesting to hear how Mocky reprises the album on his three upcoming Canadian dates: Hamilton's Havn Gallery on July 8, Toronto's The Drake on July 9, and Montreal's Resonance on July 10.