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Release date: 
April 21, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Stoned On the School Bus
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K.I.D (Kids In Despair)

We've been detecting a rapidly rising level of interest in new Toronto duo K.I.D., and that is going to soar with the arrival of their impressive self-titled debut EP. The name is an acronym for Kids In Despair, seemingly based on the real lives of siblings Kara and Bobby. According to a label press release, the two tracked demos of these songs while they were living in their alcoholic mother's basement. Signing to a major label and being about to play gigs in England has likely lessened their despair! K.I.D. serve up self-described "garage pop" with real energy and gritty lyrics. On the ballad "Stoned On The School Bus", Kara shows serious vocal chops, while the edgy "I Wish I Was Your Cigarette" has rock radio potential. We recommend checking out the album trailer, one of the funniest we've seen.

K.I.D. played Toronto's The Garrison earlier this week, and have CMW gigs lined up for May 1 and May 8. They then play seven U.K. shows, plus Ottawa Bluesfest (July 18) and Toronto's Edgefest (Aug. 15).