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July 29, 2014
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Kitchen Knife

Yes, being the son of Blue Rodeo's Jim may have helped open the door for Devin Cuddy, but he's stayed in the room through talent and hard work. His debut album, 2012's Vol. One, earned a JUNO nomination, and sharp follow-up Kitchen Knife is an even stronger effort. His band includes Toronto guitar ace Nichol Robertson, while Travis Good guests on "Gospel" and Greg Keelor co-produced with Devin. Cuddy is a fluent pianist and has a warm and colourful vocal style, and his retro rootsy sound incorporates blues, jazz, country, and New Orleans elements. Check out the sweetly haunting "Home" as an intro to his talents.

The DCB plays the Pelee Island Music Festival on Aug. 3, Toronto's Horseshoe on Aug. 8 (the official CD launch), and Penetanguishene, ON, Aug. 9. More tour dates will be announced soon.