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Release date: 
November 25, 2014
Total songs: 
Play If You Don’t Know Me By Now (feat. Bill King)

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Left Alone (with Bill King)

The minute T.O. musical renaissance man Bill King heard Selena Evangeline sing, he knew he had to work with her. He drafted her into his ska/reggae band the Rhythm Express and their track "Black Woman" became a CBC and Soundcloud hit. The pair have now collaborated on Left Alone, a gorgeous collection of jazz, soul and pop classics (ranging from Billie Holiday to Anita Baker) built around Selena's soulful and expressive vocals and King's fluent keyboards. This is the third piano and vocal duet albums King has recorded for Slaight Music (Gavin Hope and John McDermott were the two earlier winners). McDermott guests here on a vocal duet on "You Just Can't Smile It Away". Evangeline's earlier albums This Girl's Life and Bad Weather showed the potential that is now fully realized here. A record you should definitely not leave alone.

She performs at a Slaight Music showcase at Toronto's Jazz Bistro on Dec. 3.