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August 4, 2015
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Let It Be Now - Single

It was a sad day for Canadian indie rock when Maritime rockers Two Hours Traffic called it quits in late 2013. The reason? According to an interview with The Globe and Mail, the Joel Plaskett-endorsed band didn’t make the decision over any particular interpersonal conflict; it was simply a financial issue. That doesn’t seem to have stopped co-founder and lead singer Liam Corcoran from producing original music, as he’s set to embark on a solo career. A new EP, ROM-DROM, is due as a digital download on August 28. It was recorded in the back room of Charlottetown’s only remaining record store, Back Alley Music, and promises to weave together elements of alt-country, folk, and pop. It was mixed by Dale Murray (Cuff the Duke) and mastered by Andy Magoffin (Two Minute Miracles) and features contributions from Kinley Dowling of Hey Rosetta, Tim Chaisson, and Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis of Corcoran’s defunct band. “Let It Be Now” is a early glimpse of what’s to come – it shares some of the same DNA as a THT tune, but it’s stripped back to it’s barest elements, and exposed emotionally. Stream the melodic track and most of the new EP on Corcoran’s Soundcloud.