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July 3, 2014
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Life of the Party - Single

I have to admit, while reading up on the single “Life of the Party”, I thought it was being released by Shawn Desman, the Toronto-based R&B singer and brother to popstar Danny Fernandes. The track is actually the first official single from 15-year old newcomer Shawn Mendes, a superstar on the social media network Vine. Through an app that only allows six seconds of video, the Pickering ON-born singer released fan-pleasing song snippets, and amassed 2.7 million regular followers. After winning Ryan Seacrest’s Best 35 Covers Competion, getting signed to Island Records, and nabbing an opening slot on Austin Mahone’s extensive U.S. tour, Mendes is poised to become the next big star from Canada. The buzz was so big around his profile that power-ballad “Life of the Party” cracked the Hot 100 without any radio promotion whatsoever, making him the youngest artist ever to debut in the Top 25 with a debut single. Expect this emerging artist to explode. Bieber, it might be time to move over.