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Release date: 
May 20, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Answer the Call (feat. Robert Walsh)

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Andrea Menard is a multiple creative threat. As well as being a popular and acclaimed Metis actress (Blackstone, Hard Rock Medical), she is an accomplished singer/songwriter with three albums to her credit. LIFT, her fourth, is a fine collection of folk meets soft pop material that she terms "good medicine". As the title suggests, there is an uplifting and positive feel to the songs, one conveyed by Menard's clear and vibrant vocals. Producer Robert Walsh (Tom Cochrane, Johnny Reid) co-wrote all the tunes and contributes guitars, keyboards, and backing vocals. Other guests on backups include Carrie Catherine and Victoria Banks, while a horn section helps add depth. Upcoming gigs include Vancouver's Unitarian Church (May 23), Toronto's Musideum (June 16), and Winnipeg's Exchange Community Church (June 23).