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Release date: 
November 25, 2014
Total songs: 
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Little Maps

Producing electronic music solo requires a certain obsessiveness; with no bandmates to springboard ideas against, the crafting process can be an arduous task. While Toronto-based producers Waxlimbs (Alex Metcalfe) and Astrolope (Paul Geldart) normally go about it alone, the decision to collaborate on new LP Little Maps has paid off handsomely. Composed over the course of a year, the pair pushed each other into unfamiliar territory, both sonically and by exploring their individual musical impulses. On the disc’s livelier tracks, there’s a jazzy undercurrent (“Blooming”, “Little Maps”), and it is at its strongest on the more ambient, experimental cuts (the glitchy “Peacock”, the daydreaming “Calamine”). Let’s hope this partnership isn’t a one-off.

Download the LP for the price of an FB like from label Rare Beef