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Release date: 
June 24, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Too Bad so Sad

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Living Daylight

Now relocated in Toronto from Edmonton, Michael Rault had earlier won fans with two EPs and full-length Ma-Me-O. He deserves to expand his audience now with the very charming Living Daylight, a release already generating buzz. His strongly melodic tunes incorporate elements of psychedelic pop and garage rock, with lotsa cool fuzzy guitar sounds. Robyn Hitchcock would be one reference point. He recorded the album in Edmonton a year ago, with his equally talented fellow songsmith (and cousin) Renny Wilson helping out (mixing was done by Gus Van Go and Werner F). This one's a keeper!
Rault premiered the disc with three NXNE gigs last week. He plays Divan Orange in Montreal on June 29. Hamilton's The Casbah (July 9), Calgary's Commonwealth (July 10), and the Pembina River Nights Festival, Evansburg, AB (July 11).