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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
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Play Nights Like This

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Lost Girls: Chapter One

Newcomer W. Darling made one hell of an impression as the guest vocalist on American producer Bassnectar’s 2014 single "You and Me" (1.5 mil views to date), seemingly popping up from out of nowhere. Her rise has actually been a long time coming; she’s performed for years under her given name(s) Hayley Gene, has penned songs for the likes of Cody Simpson, Victoria Justice, and DVBBS, and has quite the pedigree – she’s the daughter of the celebrated Canadian children’s folk singer Fred Penner. Now the songstress is debuting the first in a string of solos EPs, Lost Girls: Chapter One. The three disparate but equally enchanting pop tracks within leave no question about her intentions - to top pop charts. Buzzfeed and Spotify have predicted her becoming a part of the wave of the Canadian next-big-things, and we think the odds here are solid.  

An interesting tidbit - the title of the EP and her stage name are references to the tale of Peter Pan – Hayley shared a house with reggae-pop hitmakers Magic! in L.A., and played caretaker/mother to the band, eventually earning the W(endy) Darling sobriquet.