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June 28, 2012
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Lost In the Music

Bentley, AB's prolific Country songwriter had a fair run of success in his day, starting in the late '50s in the shadow of Gene Vincent and quickly shifting from rockabilly to Country & Western before finding his own unique space that included jazz, folk, acoustic and his own brand of rebel music. The German-based Bear Family has meticulously and handsomely encapsulated his recording career over two 3-CD sets that include 156 Damron songs. This latest collection covers the RCA years and more than most stand the test of time, largely because Damron never succumbed to Nashville's candy-coated productions. There are songs here that will break your heart, teach you things you might not have known, and others that will just make you smile. Damron never cracked the American market, and never earned the recognition accorded Lightfoot or Tyson, but he was damned good in his day and this handsome collection is proof of the fact..

David Farrell