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Release date: 
November 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Hey! Adrienne

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In seven years together, indie-pop darlings Library Voices have released two critically acclaimed full-length albums and two EPs. They've made believers out of Spin and The New Yorker and toured internationally, and we predict even bigger things from dazzling new album Lovish. The record was self-produced and mixed by Dave Plowman and Alex Bonenfant (METZ, Crystal Castles, July Talk). It was recorded in an old funeral home, but is certainly not as bleak or depressing as that may suggest. There are seven Voices in play here, but things never sound cluttered or fussy. Snappy hooks and melodies enshroud excellent lyrics (my favourites, from the drivin' "Bored In Berlin": "my favourite singers are all dead or sober"). The band cite influences ranging from The Sonics to Spiritualized, confirming their fine taste. The jangle-pop of "Hey! Adrienne" and the horn-boosted " Zzyzx" would sure sound great blasting from the radio.

Library Voices recently played some release shows in Western Canada, and are at Winnipeg's The Good Will on Nov. 13. Look for more dates (at home and abroad) to be announced soon.