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May 12, 2015
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The Weather Station is the critically-acclaimed project of folk/adult alternative-accented singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman. This scribe has been a major fan of her earlier albums and she seems poised for a real career ascent with lovely new record Loyalty. The presence of Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas) as co-producer (with Lindeman and Robbie Lackritz) will help bring the disc attention, and Jurvanen excels with his multi-instrumental work too. Woodwinds and strings are used, but there's a subtle sparseness to the sound. Lindeman has a pure and haunting voice reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell, and her superb lyrics read as poetry ("hillsides green and black and distant, and rivers serpentine, glinting" - "Floodplain"). The album was recorded in Paris, a city clearly inspiring her to new creative heights. Of interest: as Tamara Hope, she is also a noted actress.

The Weather Station blew us away at a Drake showcase in Toronto recently. After gigs in Montreal and Wakefield this week, she begins an extensive North American tour with Great Lake Swimmers, followed by more U.S. gigs and an appearance at Guleph's Hillside Fest (July 24-26). Check her site for details.