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Release date: 
October 7, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Gangly Dancer

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There's something timelessly appealing about the sound of a guitar-driven surf instrumental rock band, and that is reaffirmed by LV, the debut full-length album from Legato Vipers. These cats first impressed with last year's Don Pyle-produced EP Quick Slug, and they up the ante here. The album was recorded live to half-inch tape at Guelph's Boogie Barn with engineer/mixer Harri Palm (ex of the beloved Johnny and the G-Rays). The LV lineup features members of Del Bel, Biblical, and Jim Guthrie's and Bry Webb's bands, and they clearly had fun here. There's a pleasing sting to the sound of these Vipers, and if Tarantino is looking for new soundtrack material, he should check them out. Happily, LV is out on vinyl as well as CD and digital formats.
They launch the disc at Toronto's Silver Dollar on Oct. 11.