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Release date: 
April 21, 2015
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
Play New Religion
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Marauding In Paradise

Looking for the next big hiphop phenom to emerge from the streets of T.O.? Many observers more qualified than this one have been talking up fast-rising 22 year-old Jazz Cartier (aka Jacuzzi La Fleur), and the buzz has been fuelled by early cuts and clips. Now super-impressive debut mixtape Marauding In Paradise justifies the hype (it has already been noticed by the likes of The FADER, VICE/Noisey, Billboard, and XXL). Cartier calls the record "the sound of Downtown, Toronto" (he views Drake as "uptown"), claiming "I'm the only one giving it an identity". That may be up for debate, but the quality of this release isn't. There are plenty of adventurous production touches here (courtesy of his long-time producer Lantz), with staccato beats helping frame Cartier's fluent and smart wordplay. One to watch very closely.

He has two Toronto dates at CMW, a headline show at The Garrison on May 7 and opening for Joey Badass at Danforth Music Hall on May 9.