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December 16, 2014
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Play Mars Attacks (feat. Young Braised)
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Mars Attacks (feat. Young Braised) - Single

Self-proclaimed “slacker pop” trio The Courtneys charmed hip blogs and the Vancouver indie scene with 2013’s cassette release K.C. Reeves and follow-up self-titled LP. The tracks were replete with cheeky, ‘90s nostalgia-slinging lo-fi jams, and shared a sonic similarity to Mac DeMarco’s solo output (likely due to drummer/lead vocalist Jen Twynn’s role in DeMarco’s former band, Makeout Videotape). They bring the same enthusiasm to new single “Mars Attacks”. Named after the campy, critically-panned 1996 film of the same name, it’s propelled by spritely guitar licks and features an appearance by Young Braised, a Vancouver-based MC with a stream of consciousness lyrical style.

Hear the catchy new tune live: dates include January 11 at the Electric Owl in Vancouver and January 16 at Logan’s Pub in Victoria.