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Release date: 
October 9, 2013
Total songs: 
Play All Apologies - The Wooden Sky

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Milkin' It - In Utero Compilation

With the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s final studio album In Utero upon us, Kurt Cobain and co. mania has returned – the pinnacle being a Super Deluxe version of the original album, featuring re-mastered songs, three discs and a DVD, totaling more than 70 (!) tracks.

Toronto-based label Hand Drawn Dracula is getting in on the nostalgia with a tribute album – the cleverly titled Milkin’ It, featuring acts on their roster, all influenced one way or another by the seminal grunge trio. The Wooden Sky’s “All Apologies” is one of the strongest of the bunch, sticking close to the source material, but there are daring choices that work, including Doomsquad’s re-working of “I Hate Myself and Want to Die” and Milk Lines’ heavily-harmonized “Sappy”.

Milkin’ It is available for a free download from HDD’s website