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Release date: 
October 6, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Resurrection Body

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Modern Thought

The guys and girls in Toronto-based indie synth pop act Fitness Club Fiasco intended for their name to be tongue-in-cheek, but they’ve actually led quite the turbulent couple of years leading up to the release of new album Modern Thought. Members got married, but there were also break ups. Family members passed away. One member ran for mayor and won. One member had a heart operation, and another had brain surgery (his MRI is depicted on the album’s cover). But the band persevered and managed to concoct a clever, shimmering, hook-laden, and sometimes bittersweet new record. An enjoyable listen from start to finish. Our thoughts are that it’s an early career highlight.  

Fitness Club Fiasco will hold an album release party in Guelph ON at District on October 16. Info can be found at this Facebook event