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November 17, 2015
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The genre of smooth jazz has never found much favour with music critics or jazz purists, but it remains a popular style. Guitarist/songwriter Rob Tardik is one of many Canadian artists to have found U.S. success within the format. He was a top 10 Billboard charting artist in 2011 and 2012, and new album Moments (his fifth) also has strong commercial potential. Tardik spices his melodic songs with r 'n b, rock, pop, and Latin flavours, as on the flamenco feel to first single "Sip and Salsa", while guest singers and players add further variety. The upbeat vibe to the record is deliberate, Tardik explains:  "My intention is only to bring positivity to people’s lives.” Of note: Tardik was named Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year in 2010.

He and a six-piece band launched the record with a show in Seal Beach, California, last week. He ups the ante to a seven-piece band for the Toronto album launch, at Jazz Bistro on Dec. 1.