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Release date: 
March 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Folk, Other
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More Love and Happiness

More Love And Happiness is the fourth album from folk-rooted yet versatile singer/songwriter Clela (Errington). She has a rich and resonant voice, and her songs have a positive and uplifting feel. Half the songs feature just her voice and guitar-playing, with the other half featuring a top-notch band including George Koller, Chris Bartos, John Sheard and John Adames. Alec Fraser contributes crisp production. The opening title track is a tribute to Kate & Anna McGarrigle, and it sets the tone nicely for a lovely album. Errington is also a member of women’s choir, Essentia Vocal Ensemble. The disc was launched at Revival in Toronto, and upcoming dates include shows at Relish in Toronto, April 15 and May 13.