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Release date: 
April 30, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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More Than Any Other Day

Montreal-based post-punk quartet Ought only formed in 2012, but you’d be convinced that their first full-length, More Than Any Other Day, was the product of a band with a lot more experience. It could be all the distinct voices in the mix; as the band recently confessed to Paste, one of the key ingredients to their sound is the extent of their collaboration. It all starts and ends with the group jam, and when the four (three born Americans, one Australian) lived together during their time at McGill, music was always part of the daily routine. The product of which is intelligent, quirky, and subtly funky. Think a ragged Talking Heads, with small touches of the Montreal post-rock scene (a less pretentious Godspeed! You Black Emperor) or Sonic Youth, back when Gordon and Moore still wanted to be Sonic Youth. Keep the jams coming gents; it seems to be working.

Canadian dates include several hometown dates in Montreal (May 29 @ Turbohaus, June 13 & July 13@ Casa del Popolo), and Toronto, July 14 @ the Drake.