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June 23, 2015
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Morning World - Single

The output of B.C.’s Teen Daze is so plentiful and varied, it’s easy to forget that it’s all the work of one primary songwriter + composer - Jamison Cox. Just earlier this year, he delivered the minimalist and cinematic EP A World Away. It obviously resonated with indie label Paper Bag Records, because they’ve signed the producer to their roster, and announced the release of a brand new single, “Morning World”. The track is a marked difference from earlier Teen Daze output, with an accelerated groove and higher tempo, and a sonic shift towards full-blown, sun-gazing psychedelic pop. It was recorded with John Vanderslice (Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, The Magnetic Fields) at his famed all-analog studio Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. This joyous new direction suits Teen Daze well – hopefully, a rumoured full-length will be of a similar nature.