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Release info

Release date: 
June 10, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Shadow of Love

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Sadly, Edmonton pop-punkers Ten Second Epic called it quits after an illustrious 12-year career. Two of the band’s members, Daniel Carrierre and Sandy MacKinnon, have put their attention into new rock project Royal Tusk. Joined by the likeminded Motorbike James, J. Eygenraam, and Kurtis Schultz, this quintet released their first ridiculously catchy EP this week, Mountain, through Hidden Pony Records. Within six radio-ready tunes, the band displays their eagerness for crafting buoyant, energetic modern Canadiana rock. Production team Gus Van Go and Werner F (The Stills, Said the Whale, Hollerado) have the right credentials, and understand the necessary balance between surging riffs and hooks. A rock-solid, mountainous debut.

The band was just announced as performers at the Hidden Pony 5th Birthday Bash during NXNE on June 20, and have a handful of dates across ON and SK within a two-week stretch. Details here