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July 28, 2015
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Movies - Single

Adventurous singer/songwriter Rykka (formerly Christina Maria) has had a productive couple of years. Two years ago, she won the prestigious BC Peak Performance Project competition and released the well-received Kodiak album (a collaboration with Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond), and then she teamed up with Zomboy and Mike James for the 2014 hit dance track "Delirium", which has grabbed over a million listens online. She now delivers a striking and seductive new single "Movies," featuring superbly-layered big-screen production from Warne Livesey (Matthew Good, Midnight Oil). In a press release, the singer explains that "'Movies' tells the story of two rebels and their love affair as a brief escape from the social poverty of life.” Sounds like a promising script for a real movie. Rykka has been spending a lot of time in Europe, writing and performing there, including gigs at the famed Montreux Jazz and Reeperbahn Festivals. She has been making new fans on a European promo radio tour, and an upcoming new album is eagerly anticipated.