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Release date: 
March 24, 2015
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Play Close To You

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Movin' Forward

Pianist/composer Robi Botos has been one of the most brilliant lights on the Canadian jazz scene for a while now (the 2012 TD Grand Jazz Award at The Montreal International Jazz Festival is just one of many he's earned). The late great Oscar Peterson served as a musical mentor, and now Botos is Movin' Forward in his career with this excellent new album. Indicative of the peer respect he enjoys is the presence of such ace Grammy-cited players as Seamus Blake (saxes), Robert Hurst (bass) and Jeff 'Tain" Watts (drums) on the album. They breathe vivid life into the bandleader's compositions, while his own playing is as vigorous yet subtle as ever.

Botos played a TD Jazz Fest-backed release show at The Jazz Bistro this week, followed by gigs in Montreal and Waterloo. A three week Canadian jazz festival tour from Victoria to Halifax follows in June and July. He's a dynamic act live.