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Release date: 
May 12, 2015
Alternative, Folk
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The first two singles from Munroe, "Bloodlet" and "Summer", captivated us, and now her self-titled debut EP seals our affection. This is the project of Hamilton-raised, L.A.-based actor/singer/songwriter Kathleen Munroe. An award-winning thespian (Flashpoint, Resurrection, Motive), she translates the story-telling skills required as an actor into her songs. She has a haunting and pure voice that is set to moody sparse soundscapes. She gets able assistance here from guests Julie Fader (Etiquette), members of Young Rival and New Hands and co-producer Michael Keire. The disc is already scoring rave reviews, marking Munroe as one to watch.

We were impressed by her recent showcase at Toronto's Dakota Tavern. Hopefully there'll be time amidst her busy acting sked for more dates.