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Release date: 
July 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Lesbians In the Forest (feat. Peaches)

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Music for Lesbians

Carole Pope is destined to be remembered primarily as the charismatic frontperson of the ground-breaking and multiple Juno-winning Rough Trade, but she continues to be creative as a solo artist. She has just released a new four-song EP, the very funnily-entitled Music For Lesbians. Noted collaborators include Peaches (she sings on and co-wrote the hilarious "Lesbians In The Forest"), guitarist Tim Welch (National Velvet), and multi-instrumentalist Rob Preuss (The Spoons). Pope's theatrical vocal style is in full evidence here, and she gets bonus points for covering the Lee Hazelwood classic "Some Velvet Morning". A feature film based on Pope's entertaining autobiography Anti Diva is now in pre-production.

Pope recently performed at several Pride Week events in Toronto. She plays Hamilton's The Casbah on Aug. 6, The Atria in Oshawa on Aug. 7, Stratford Summer Music Festival on Aug. 8 and Rock The River in Saskatoon on Aug. 23.