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Release date: 
October 13, 2015
Total songs: 
Jazz, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Other
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My Boy Lollipop - Single

The high-quality single a month series from Bill King's ace crew Rhythm Express has been exploring The Great Jamaican Songbook of late, via fresh remakes of reggae classics "The Harder They Come" and "Double Barrel". They stretch back even earlier for new offering "My Boy Lollipop", a huge hit for Millie Small back in 1964. The infectious song is one of the most popular ska singles ever, and King and Co keep its exuberant feel alive, thanks in part to the vocals of young singer Aria Zenua. Joining her and King here are RE regulars Everton “Pablo” Paul, Shane ‘Shaky J’ Forrest , Christopher Butcher and Bobby Hsu. Interesting factoid: a key player on the original version was Jamaican legend Ernest Ranglin, a recent collaborator with Rhythm Express.

We eagerly await the group's upcoming album, Soul Explosion '69, to be launched via a show at Toronto's Lula Lounge on Oct. 25, with guests the Blackburn Brothers.