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Release date: 
April 24, 2013
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap

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My Eyes Red (feat. Wale)

Released on 4/20 and appropriately titled, this new single by Toronto rapper Famous has addictive, high energy sampling with Wale on the track. "My Eyes Red (a all that haze)" he immodestly raps repeatedly. Needless to say, he's received a great response, and this is sure to be one tune that keeps the buzz going long after the April 20th release. Famous is working on his debut album, Center Stage, in NYC. The album comes after the three-part EP series, titled Road To Center Stage, hosted by Hot 97′s DJ Kay Slay and Atlanta’s own DJ Drama. The EP series features production from Grammy Award winning Boi1da and ToneMason, as well as unreleased reference records for Taylor Swift, B.O.B & Akon. With 13 official videos, (all independent), associated with this project that generated over 1.3 million YouTube views.

Nerese Richter