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Release date: 
June 24, 2014
Total songs: 
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My Love Is a Bulldozer

Under the moniker of Venetian Snares, Winnipeg’s Aaron Funk has crafted immensely complicated, sample-based breakcore EDM for over two decades. His latest offering, My Love Is A Bulldozer, is the first since 2010’s rough sketch-based My So-Called Life, and is a welcome return to form. It’s not intended for those with pacemakers though – with constantly shifting passages, and bullet-speed BPM rates, the dense structure can be uninviting. Even with a (relatively) melodic center and an unexpected return to using his own vocals on tracks, Funk has created an extremely challenging listening experience - one that will reward ultimately if you can handle its’ hyper-kinetic tendencies. Pair it with the recently unearthed Aphex Twin record, Caustic Window.

At the time of writing, Venetian Snares is #34 on the NCM Emerging Chart