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Release date: 
December 9, 2014
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Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Mystery Walk (30th Anniversary Edition)

Hard to believe that a full 30 years have passed since the release of Mystery Walk, the fifth album from Toronto new wave heroes Martha and the Muffins (later M+M). This classy reissue reveals the record has stood the test of time very nicely. By this stage of their career, the Muffins were essentially just Mark Gane and Martha Johnson, and the duo admirably reinvented themselves here. On this rhythmically-strong outing, they explored r 'n b and dance music, as on its first single, "Black Stations/White Stations", a No. 2 dance hit in the U.S. A young Daniel Lanois produced the album (both at his Hamilton space Grant Ave. and at NYC's famed Power Station studio) with Mark and Martha, while such ace players as the Brecker Brothers, Yogi Horton, David Piltch and Lanois fleshed out the sound. The reissue features crisp remastering by Peter J. Moore, five bonus cuts from the same sessions, and informative liner notes. Martha Johnson remains active as a recording artist and her 2013 album, Solo One (featuring songs co-written with Gane and Ron Sexsmith) is also worthy of attention.