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November 11, 2014
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"Mouthpiece"/Hector and the Search For Happiness

This is a big week for Dan Mangan. After an extended hiatus, the 2x Juno-winning songwriter finds two major releases premiering at the same time; the score he composed along with Jesse Zubot for the independent film Hector and the Search for Happiness and a new single, “Mouthpiece”. The former is quite the departure from his indie folk material – it’s a primarily instrumental soundtrack with orchestral flourishes. While the Simon Pegg and Christopher Plummer-led film is receiving less than stellar reviews, Mangan and Zubot’s tender score manages to work well on its own merits, and stands tall as his most evocative offering to date.

The latter release, the single “Mouthpiece”, is an impassioned indie rock track and the latest peek from his upcoming Dan Mangan + Blacksmith record, Club Meds. He explained the song’s meaning in a press release,

“It’s a lot of thoughts about our collective willingness to put faith in hunches, and disregard the material evidence that is not only surrounding us currently, but available in abundance from the successes/failures of our past. It's also about the pack mentality. The need to feel comfortable. It's about censorship. It's about not questioning your subordinance lest the privileges you have be taken away.”

Riveting stuff that's not to be missed. The earlier released track, "Vessel", appears on both the Hector and the Search for Happiness OST and the heavily-anticipated full-length Club Meds, expected January 13 2015.