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Release date: 
January 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Nervous is the third album from Siskiyou. Led by singer/songwriter (and former Great Lake Swimmers drummer) Colin Huebert and featuring GLS guitarist Erik Arnesen, the band sports a more expansive art-rock meets chamber pop sound than the folkier fare of two earlier albums, 2010's eponymous debut and 2011's Keep Away The Dead. The presence of Colin Stetson, Owen Pallett, JP Carter, Ryan Driver, and the St. James Music Academy Senior Choir as guests indicates the commitment to quality here, as does the recruitment of Leon Taheny (Austra, Pallett) as co-producer/engineer. Don't be surprised if Polaris takes note of this major achievement. Making the haunting Nervous even more compelling is the report that Huebert suffers from a serious inner ear condition, described in a label press release as "a disquieting cranial confinement".

The group recently announced "we are extremely sad to announce that due to health complications within the group, siskiyou will be cancelling all of their upcoming scheduled performances. Until this situation is resolved the group will be on hiatus". We certainly hope for better news on that front soon.