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Release date: 
October 20, 2015
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Never More Together

Oliver Swain is one busy cat. He is one half of noted Leonard Cohen tribute duo project Tower of Song and is active with side project, rock band Fans & Motor Supply Co.. His solo work (backed by his band Big Machine) now takes priority with the release of strong new album Never More Together. It was produced capably by Adrian Dolan (he also produced Swain's acclaimed 2011 solo debut, In A Big Machine), with the recording done at the Risque Disque Studio in Yellow Point, Vancouver Island. Swain's lyrics explore spiritual and socially conscious themes, and he calls the album "a chamber folk odyssey". The instrumentation here is rich and accomplished, and Swain's melodic lilt is easy on the ear. Of note: Swain paid earlier dues in folk faves The Bills, The Duhks, and Outlaw Social.

He has been touring in the West and is currently (Oct. 15-29) playing a Homes Route tour in Manitoba. November dates in Ontario follow, including a Toronto stop at Hugh's Room on Nov. 5. Check his site for a full itinerary.