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Release date: 
December 3, 2013
Total songs: 
Play Last Time I Saw Lenny

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New Folk Blues 2.0

Self-described Buddhist bluesman Brian Blain has been crafting songs and making noteworthy recordings since the early ‘70s. New Folk Blues 2.0, the Toronto-based guitarist/songwriter/producer’s latest release, is an upgrade of his 2011 live album with bassist George Koller, sweetened in the studio this time out with horn players Alison Young and Colleen Allen, drummer Michelle Josef, violinist Drew Jurecka, organist Clayton Doley and Harry Manx on slide guitar. It is a sweetly rewarding, gentle nine-song collection of songs that match faultless musicianship with humour, wry commentary and affectionate recollections, such as his fetching closing song, “The Last Time I Saw Lenny (Breau)”. Preview “Ghost of Clinton’s Tavern” featuring loops by his DJ son Joel at airpaydirect.com. Anyone who purchased the original can download this 2.0 version gratis.

David Farrell