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Release date: 
September 18, 2012
Total songs: 
Play The Weight of My Guitar
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No More Pennies

The well publicised rhubarb with the Royal Canadian Mint should not overshadow the value of this quite perfect album. Gunning writes like a dream, grabbing the listener with a foolscap of lines that are as tight as the planks on a fisherman`s dory and as colourful as a Newfoundland outport. True, he has co-written a number of the songs with a literary club that includes George Canyon, David Francey, Bruce Guthro and Lennie Gallant, but make no mistake it`s Gunning`s album all the way. A gentle reflectiveness pervades throughout ...Pennies with the Maritimer spinning stories that are delivered with a voice dripping melancholy, remorse, ardor and empathy. ``With These Hands``, a soft-spoken message of hope in a world gone mad, has been launched with a video, but if one is to pick one song from this album it has to be `The Weight of My Guitar.  If this doesn`t pluck your interest, ``That`s When We Fell`` will.

David Farrell