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May 5, 2015
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No, Nothing - Single

Will Currie and The Country French’s 2011 debut record Awake, You Sleepers! was a wildly inventive effort, and while critically acclaimed, still didn’t quite receive the attention it deserved. To mark the extended hiatus the band has taken, they’ve composed an autobiographical account of their downtime for their sophomore offering, They Killed Us (due June 9 through File: Under Music). A press release states that they drew “inspiration from Leonard Bernstein, childhood memories and the trials and tribulations of life”, which we definitely see in effect on early theatrical single, “No, Nothing”. Bandleader Currie’s vocal similarities to Muse’s Matt Bellamy, Rufus Wainwright and The Bends­-era Thom Yorke have never been more apparent, and the track continuously keeps us guessing, opening as an intimate piano ballad before giving way to orchestral flourishes. Expect a similar flair to be displayed on the forthcoming album. 

Also available now is Will Currie’s solo track, “Tiny Face”. It was commissioned by the popular webseries Cyanide & Happiness, requesting that it be “the saddest song in the world”. See if it delivers here