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Release date: 
March 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Tell Me

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Vancouver-based indie electro pop duo Humans have been a mainstay on the live circuit since their formation in 2010, and have released EPs and singles sporadically. Noontide is their first full-length effort, and is easily their most glossy and ambitious to date. Bringing in Shout Out Out Out Out’s Nik Kozub as producer was a good call - the balance that Edmonton-synth band achieves between spritely dance music and art rock-intent is one to be admired, and which Humans hopes to achieve here. The moments where they push away from four-on-the-floor house beats are the most effective; tribal beats, Calypso rhythms, and ambient textures suit Humans just fine. Noontide might be a tad dark for a dance pop record, but it’s the one Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have been waiting to make.

Upcoming tour dates include March 13 in Frederiction NB at Capital Complex and March 14 in Halifax as Gus’ Pub, with more scheduled across the country through spring and into the summer. More info here