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Release date: 
September 30, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Over You

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Northern Man

Last year's self-titled album established first nations rock band Midnight Shine as a group with real potential. That is realized on their new second album Northern Man, once again recorded at elite Toronto studio Noble Street with producer Doug Romanow. Setting Midnight Shine apart from their peers is their first nations heritage, and mainman Adrian Sutherland isn't afraid to explore that, as on the anthemic title track. The band scored solid rock radio airplay with earlier single "Since You've Been Gone", new single "Over You" is a dynamic and catchy cut, and "Meant To Fly" is a tribute to a friend of Sutherland's who died in an Ornge Rescue Crash. Powerful stuff.
The band launched the album with a performance at Toronto's Hard Rock Cafe earlier this week.