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Release date: 
April 1, 2014
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Play Nothing Going On

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Nothing Going On - Single

Australian country-folk songstress Marta Pacek has spent a lot of time in Toronto in recent years, and she has often collaborated with Canadian writers and players. The fetching single "Nothing Going On" earns CanCon status as it is co-written by Pacek and Neil Murchison. She has a bold and vibrant voice that will appeal to fans of Neko Case and Lindi Ortega. Another Torontonian, Todd Clark (Pilate, Phillip Phillips), co-wrote a tune on Pacek's imminent (April 29) new album, Voodoo Dolls And False Alarms, a record well worth checking out. Marta plays CMW on May 07 (at Johnny Jackson), followed by an Ontario tour. Go here for details.