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Release date: 
October 2, 2012
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Play Streets Ahead
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Now For Plan A (Deluxe Edition)

The 13th album from The Hip delivers  14-songs recorded live in the studio with producer Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, Sarah Harmer). The pre-launch included the much publicised storefront shows in Kensington market earlier this week. With two million-sellers at home and an impressive 20 #1 hits, the new one has to be good, right?  Fear not: Plan A embodies plenty of rock-studded zest. Singer/frontman Gord Downie peels paint on  "We Want To Be It" and "Streets Ahead”, and fellow Kingston  hero Sarah Harmer adds her warmth to the sessions on the title track and radio-friendly  “The Lookahead.”  Hardcore fans can look forward to the release of  a video from their Bobcaygeon concert when an expected  few thousand swelled to 25,000 in the ON cottage country town.