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Release date: 
March 3, 2015
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Play Rocket To the Moon

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Call it truth in advertising. The Western Swing Authority do, in fact, play western swing, and they do so with real authority. Comprising seven seasoned session and touring players, they have earned multiple CCMA and JUNO nominations (they won a CCMA last year as Roots Group of the Year) and Stateside accolades for the authenticity of their sound. They're managed by biz veteran Randy Stark, and it's nice to see they've now signed to eOne for their new (third) album, Now Playing. Most of the tunes here are group originals, with fiddler/singer Shane Guse a key contributor. Notable outside co-writers include Jason McCoy and Jason Blaine, while they serve up a fine version of Colin James' "Rocket To The Moon". Lead vocalist Stacey Lee Guse has just the right clarity in her voice for this genre, and co-producer and engineer Jason Barry does a fine job of balancing the components. A retro treat.

The WSA recently played at the Ameripolitan Music Awards in Austin. Check their site for upcoming gigs.