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Release date: 
December 5, 2014
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Alternative, Folk
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Nowhere, Texas - Single

Up to now, Dallas Green’s sole output this year was his collab project with Pink, You + Me. This doesn't mean he’s done with his solo gig, City and Colour, though. Earlier this week, he released a new track, “Nowhere, Texas”.  He was inspired to write the sombre acoustic track after watching the true crime film “Texas Killing Fields”, a harrowing thriller about the murders of several women along Houston’s I-45.

“I recorded ‘Nowhere, Texas’ during a session for The Hurry and The Harm,” Dallas said in a press release. “I knew as soon as I listened to it, there was a better place for the song than the album. I've held on to it all this time and chose to release it as a way to bring attention to something around us everyday: violence against women.”

The track was released on December 6; the 25th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre, when a gunman opened fire in a university, targeting and killing 14 women with the claim that he was “fighting feminists”.

All of the proceeds on the sale of the single will go to YWCA of Canada’s Rose Campaign, a non-profit effort to end violence against women.