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February 10, 2015
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Nowhere We Cannot Go - Single

Beloved Toronto indie folk hero Hayden took a nearly four year hiatus before the release of his 2013 album Us Alone, his first through Arts & Crafts. Thankfully, the wait won’t be as long for the next one, his eighth full-length Hey Love (due March 24). The new record was partly inspired by Dream Serenade, the benefit he and his wife Christie Geyerbiehl organized for Toronto’s Beverly St. School for developmentally disabled children, and was produced and recorded almost entirely solo at his home studio, Skyscraper National Park (save for some later contributions from by his backing band, recorded at Revolution Recording). The first early streaming single “Nowhere We Cannot Go”, is a triumphant and emotional folk rock rouser, a testament to the resilience of love, and just a few BPM above his habitual low-tempo comfort zone. Now two-decades into his career, this is Hayden Desser at his most vital.

Hayden has an extensive Canadian winter tour planned in support of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, which kicks off Feb 18 in Halifax NS at Rebecca Cohn Auditorium. It was also announced this week that he would be performing once again at the A&C Field Trip Festival, June 6+7. For more info, head to his website