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December 26, 2013
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Oblivion - Single

Her 2012 album "Visions" deservedly brought Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) major international attention as well as a 2013 Juno award for Best Electronic Album. The buzz continued through 2013, despite an absence of new releases. Her abundant charms were neatly encapsulated on "Oblivion". Here, her sweet and poppish vocals sit nicely atop minimal but insistent beats that draw the listener right in. The imaginative and catchy accompanying video clip is the icing on the tasty cake. Grimes is a prodigious talent, as top management company Roc Nation (run by Jay Z) realise. They just signed Grimes to a major deal, and her next outing is feverishly anticipated. Word is she is working on a fourth album now, with a September appearance date rumoured. No career oblivion in sight for this gal!