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August 14, 2013
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Old Friends

A smart pun lies behind the name of this trio featuring some well-established Toronto artists. These are broads doing it their way, with material that includes Broadway faves on this highly enjoyable debut album. Heather Bambrick and Julie Michels are award-winning vocalists while pianist/vocalist Diane Leah  is a Dora Award-nominated music director. In just two years together, they've won fans at The Global Cabaret Festival and at notable GTA venues. A Bacharach medley and ABBA cover nestle neatly alongside Sondheim, Irving Berlin and Gershwin classics. The arrangements and vocals are equally assured.  Broadsway launched the album with a successful three night run at T.O. jazz hub Jazz Bistro, Aug. 1-3, and they play Toronto's Flying Beaver Pubaret, Sept. 6-7.