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Release date: 
July 1, 2014
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One Night at Giant Rock

Being given your first amp by Neil Young is a good way to launch a rock 'n roll career. That gift from her brother set Astrid Young off on a fascinating journey, the latest chapter being new album One Night At Giant Rock. She possesses the lyrical and vocal honesty of her brother, as is well showcased on what she terms "a collection of songs that reflect my personal journey to discover the karmic meaning in all my relationships". She frames her songs in a variety of settings, with wailing sax enlivening "Try This" and psychedelic guitar infusing "Happy".  Contributors include Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes (he co-produced with her), Ray Farrugia (Junkhouse), Bob Lanois, and Jane Wiedlin (The GoGo's), Dawn Chapman (Four Non Blondes), Dan Cornelius (Danko Jones), Bob Lanois, and Luca D'Alberto (ExWave). The album can be streamed in full on both Soundcloud and YouTube

She launches the album in Toronto with a private July 23 showcase at The Gibson Guitar Lounge, followed by gigs (also featuring DeLorenzo) at Hamilton's This Ain't Hollywood (July 24) and Toronto's Drake (July 25). For subsequent tour dates, go here