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Release date: 
April 28, 2015
Total songs: 
Play The Chase

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What happens when two internationally-acclaimed fiddle virtuosos unite for a duo album? You get ONE, the thrilling new collaboration between Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy (their first full recording as a duo). The super-talented twosome married in 2002, and, as Natalie notes, "six children later, we've finally documented our musical growth together". The presence of superstar rock producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper) at the console (with co-producer Justin Cortelyou) will certainly attract attention, and the pair give the recording a sonic quality rarely found on fiddle records. Ezrin, MacMaster and Leahy contribute arrangements of a wide range of traditional material, while the couple's two original compositions, the cinematic "The Chase" and "Wedding Day Jig", are amongst many highlights on the record. The album was primarily recorded in Nova Scotia with top-notch accompanists, and the Cape Breton-raised MacMaster clearly felt at home there. We're betting that the pair will continue to make musical magic together, while also remaining in demand as solo performers.

An extensive North American tour (entitled Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond) is ongoing. For a full itinerary, go to http://nataliemacmaster.com/tour.php