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Release date: 
April 23, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Stare Into the Light

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Outlast - EP

Indie pop act Winter Gloves were the talk of the Montreal scene only a few years ago, but little has been heard since 2010’s charming All Red (and a mini EP Heart Out released in 2011, featuring a notable appearance from Luke Lalonde). Turns out primary songwriter Charles F. Huot was working on a side project under the moniker Dear Frederic. His debut five-track EP Outlast is now available, and it proves to be just as catchy and hook-laden as his output with his main gig. This is sophisticated synth-pop, and it works just as well on the funky material (“Lakeshore”) as it does on the introspective (“Stare Into the Light”). An impressive set that warrants a full-length follow up.

Dear Frederic will play at the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal in early August.